Thursday, May 22, 2014

E-Cigs: A Convenient Alternative

Electronic cigarettes are creating plenty of buzz lately; citywide bans have been enforced, the FDA wishes to crack down and regulate e-cigs, and dirty looks are shot from across the room anytime a tiny LED lights up; but people, even smokers, are missing the mark on e-cigarettes. Generally, e-cigs are helping people quit smoking everyday. They also make the life of a smoker more convenient, for all parties involved.

I know you might be thinking how e-cigarettes could possibly be convenient, especially for non-smokers. All of the wonderful advancements the e-cig has to offer may surprise you, but it’s actually quite impressive.

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Pros for non-smokers 

• E-cigs eliminate the harsh smell of smoke 

Non-smokers, rejoice! The foul, lingering smell of cigarette smoke is a thing of the past with e-cigs. The vapor emitted does contain nicotine for the smoker, but does not produce a smell that will stick to you, your clothes, or your car. E-cigarette vapor also dissipates in a matter of seconds.

• No more second hand smoke 

Going off of the first point, the use of vapor also eliminates the chance of second hand smoke because there is none! Second hand smoke, in the United States, contributes to roughly 3,400 lung cancer deaths per year. The staggering number of deaths related to second hand smoke is staggering, but the use of e-cigs can eradicate that all together.

• Give smokers the freedom to smoke anywhere 

 Have you ever tried to walk through a sea of smokers on a rainy day just to get into the entrance of a building? It can be rough enough to awkwardly snake through a crowd, but the instant you get into the building, you reek of smoke. E-cigs give smokers the freedom to smoke anywhere at anytime. You no longer have to fight through a crowd to get into a building anymore.

Pros for smokers 

• Ne need to make frequent trips outside 

E-cigarettes offer versatility and freedom that you may have never experienced before. With the use of vapor, e-cigs enable people to smoke anywhere at anytime. Instead of running outside multiple times in a day, which can disrupt your work, you have the newfound freedom to smoke right on the job.

• Save a boat load of money 

As I’m sure you know, cigarettes are expensive and the prices keep rising. In the early 80’s cigarettes were only a dollar a pack, and now prices reach well over five dollars. By switching to e-cigarettes, you could easily save thousands of dollars a year. With all the extra money you’ll save, you can go on a vacation, get a new car, or renovate your home.

• No mess 

This is easily the best advantage of the e-cigarette. Ash and cigarette butts are disgusting, even to smokers. Switching to e-cigarettes eliminates all that. No more ash all over the dashboard of your car or your clothes. You also no longer have to worry about getting a fine for littering because you flicked the butt of a cigarette into the street after you were finished.

To sum it up 

E-cigarettes are the healthy, convenient alternative to outdated traditional cigarettes. The benefits go on and on for both the smoker and non-smoker alike. Smokers no longer have to feel as if their rights are being infringed upon and non-smokers don’t have to be concerned with harmful second hand smoke. E-cigs provide versatility that has long been lost to smokers in this day and age. Its time smokers had the freedom to smoke where they wanted without disrupting those around them.


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